On the Rebound: What to Expect After Surgery

96% of women are motivated to get back to their daily routine after surgery, yet 67% are using opioids to manage their postsurgical pain, even though they agree they hinder everyday activities.1

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Preparing For Surgery

According to the National Quality Forum, more than 1 million Americans have surgery each week.2 Review these helpful tips to feel confident about making decisions related to an upcoming procedure for yourself or a loved one.

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Having An Enhanced Recovery

Although opioids are commonly used to manage pain after surgery, 94% of health care providers believe that non-opioid pain management options can positively impact recovery and the ability to return to normal function following surgery.1

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Women Are #1 Health Care Decision-Makers

Women are often juggling several aspects of life simultaneously, from tackling a job, running a household, supporting friends, and caring for loved ones. A new survey, On the Rebound: What to Expect After Surgery, found that women are also overwhelmingly the ones making important health care decisions for themselves, their children, significant others, and many times their parents or other family members.

  • Nearly all women surveyed (97%) say they are responsible for or influence health care decisions, with 93% being the primary decision makers when it comes to activities such as planning surgeries, scheduling medical appointments, and refilling prescriptions1
  • Most doctors (94%) agree women are more proactive and vocal about postsurgical pain management for their loved ones than men1

Despite these efforts, few are making medication choices that can help them rapidly rebound.

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Women make over

of the health care decisions in the US alone. The Future is Female initiative aims to disrupt the status quo by elevating overlooked, somewhat taboo topics that impact millions of women. Women have a voice and it’s time to shine a light on these common, but underdiscussed issues.

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